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Sharkk Basics FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Automatic Fresh Food Saver Machine with Starter Bags Included

Sharkk Basics FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Automatic Fresh Food Saver Machine with Starter Bags Included

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Sharkk Ultrasonic 3 Liter Cool Mist Air Humidifier w/ 360 degree Rotatable Nozle

Package seal your leftovers and keep them fresher, longer with the Vacuum Sealer by Sharkk Basics. It has a
modern design that would look good on any kitchen countertop. A manual, do it yourself, locking system and simple
button controls make for a hassle-free operation that is quick and easy.

You can manually stop the vacuum with the “seal only” function---perfect for sealing delicate foods
or foods that are crispy/crunchy. A reinforced (3mm) seal keeps freshness in—and air out. A sealing width of 30cm
( 11.8inc) gives you a little bit of flexibility when making/cutting your own bags. So, big portions, little portions
---it doesn’t really matter! With the Sharkk Basics Vacuum Sealer you can go ahead and pretty much seal anything.

Modern Design
The Sharkk Basics Vacuum Sealer’s black and gray outer body offer a stylish, sleek look and adds a bit of modern to any kitchen.

Seal Only Function
The vacuum sealer’s “seal only” function lets you manually stop the vacuum and initiate sealing.

Bag Cutting Function
The Vacuum Sealer’s bag cutting function and wide sealing port allow you to treat/customize bags up to 30cm (11.8 in) in width.


  • SLEEK, MODERN DESIGN - This Vacuum Sealer Machine features a clean, modern design---with bold black and gray framing for a sleek finish.
  • EASY LOCK/UNLOCKING SYSTEM - The Food Saver System comes with an easy to use lock and unlocking system. Once the sealing bags are in place, close the lid and press down gently. Two buttons on opposite sides of the unit easily release/unlock the lid.
  • SEAL ONLY FUNCTION - The “seal only” function on the food vacuum sealer allows you to manually stop the vacuum and initiate the sealing process and full food preservation.
  • 3MM SEALING LINE - The Sharkk Food Saver creates a 3mm wide sealing line on every bag. The extra width ensures a reinforced airtight seal allowing you to store/freeze meats, vegetables and even liquids
  • BAG CUTTING FUNCTION - This Vacuum Foodsaver Sealer comes with a bag cutting function for creating custom size bags up to 30cm (11.8in) wide. After using the starter bags (included), use the bag cutter to make large and small bags from a plastic roll . Save a few trips to the grocer by keeping your meat, vegetables and liquids fresher for longer.


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