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About us

Over the last ten years, ThriftyComputer has been steadily building a reputation as one of the most trustworthy and reliable sources in the world for unlocked cell phones, computer accessories, headsets and other communication technologies. At ThriftyComputer, you’ll find the latest Apple iPhone to Android, LG, Samsung, HTC and other high quality cell phone brands. Sharkk Consumer Audio high quality Bluetooth Speakers, Headphones and other stereo devices. From incredible, discounted deals to world class customer service, brothers Elchonon and Yosef Hellinger have set a standard for excellence that they are proud to stand behind.
Since 2003, the Hellinger brothers have been committed to building a company based on delivering affordable, top quality products backed by extraordinary customer service. Just teenagers when they got started, they have worked tirelessly to develop long standing relationships with vendors and manufacturers, in order to better serve their retail and wholesale clients, setting a new standard for integrity within the industry.
Did you know that it’s standard practice in the industry to sell open box products as new? Not so at ThriftyComputer! When you purchase something here, you know right up front that you are purchasing open box, refurbished merchandise, all backed by generous warranty. Honesty and transparency - the hallmarks of the ThriftyComputer brand.
What makes ThriftyComputer unique?
    60-day warranty on all products
    The latest, high quality cell phones that push the boundaries of innovation
    A full array of Refurbished Sharkk consumer audio Speakers & Headsets
    Deep discounts on an extraordinary variety of brands and products unmatched across the internet
The Team
Elchonon Hellinger - Born in Brooklyn, NYC, he’s been working in IT since the age of 16, in sales, support, marketing, customer service and business solutions. Balancing the responsibilities of building a business with his own personal health challenges has helped him develop a great appreciation for what’s important in life. This is one company owner who understands how to appreciate the needs of others, and thus, has an ability to provide amazing customer service.
Elchonon truly enjoys owning his own business and having his brother as his partner. It enables him to create a flexible schedule and travel whenever he wants, knowing that someone he trusts is holding down the fort. As a business owner, he hates acting the role of salesman, preferring instead to let the quality of his products speak for itself. Although phones are definitely a preoccupation, his big tech love is his laptop - when it’s happy, so is he. If Elchonon could conjure up the ideal gadget, it would be a filtered and syndicated cloud based combination of phone, tablet, laptop and pc. The only thing he’s found even beginning to approach this is the latest Blackberry.
Yosef Hellinger - Another Brooklyn, NYC native, Yosef attended private schools in Manchester, UK, Buffalo, NY, and New Haven, CT. Prior to joining Elchonon at Thrifty Computer, he worked as an electrician and a handyman. His favorite gadget is his iPhone, and like many of you, he’d be lost without it. He enjoys working with his brother, whose positive attitude inspires and encourages him to push himself to do better, and more. He’s always looking for ways to help people, and believes in treating people the way he’d want to be treated. Of course, this is reflected in his focus on customer service. In fact, he’s the kind of guy who carries tools around in his car, so he can pull over and help someone whose vehicle has broken down on the side of the road. Like his brother, he values honesty and integrity above all else.